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Christine‘s Compendium

A collection of curiosities, creative writing, aspirations and artistry.

One of my happy places.

Being Me

We all have many things that we care about. This is me.

Library & Information Science

It’s what I do. I’ve been involved in the information science and semantic technologies space for over 20 years. 

Society for Creative Anachronism

I participate in an organization called the SCA, wherein we recreate the middle ages. I am a Mistress of the Laurel in Bookbinding, and here is where you will find my research. 

Arts, Herbalism, Writing

I like to learn and try new things and deepen my knowledge of things such as plant-based wellness.  I like to write. I enjoy these things, I welcome you to join me on this journey.


I love to read. I love being a librarian – reference and research work make my geeky heart happy. I also love to make books. Here are a few I’ve made. 

Latest Blog Entries

Nana Mickie

Nana Mickie

After a good long life, we said goodbye to one of the best ladies I’ve ever known.