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His Excellency Master Iheronimus Bruckner surprised me last weekend by offering to take me on as his Protege and Apprentice. Or, as Baron Ernst put it, Apprentege. Or was that Protogentice? 😉 We had originally thought of talking about it for Pennsic, but as he is moving to The Outlands this summer, his attendance is not certain. Neither of us could think of a critical reason NOT to do it, so at Carolingia’s 40th we had a small ceremony. We may have to ‘renew our vows’ again sometime for the benefit of all the loved ones who couldn’t be there. My sincere apologies to you all; I wish you had been able to join us! I do not yet have any of the pictures that were taken; I’ll share them as soon as I can.

I am very honored, excited, and look forward to all the things that we can learn together! This is the start of a wonderful year!

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