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First Coptic Chain Stitch

Posted on Aug 12, 2011 by in SCA | 0 comments

[Posted 11/19/17 after FINALLY taking a picture! Pictures of me dated 8/11/11.]

This is the first of what would eventually become my go-to binding style. After taking several of Meisterin Katarina Helene’s classes I managed to convince her to teach me this style at Bookbinding day on Artisan’s Row. She sent me home with some found boards, told me to drill the sewing stations in the covers, fold the paper, punch the sewing stations and meet her at Pennsic University. I was motivated!


I learned the stitch the next day and stayed all day until I finished! I have kept this book ever since as a reminder of where I started – a plain board book, the nerve to ask to be taught, and a truly generous soul. I hope I remain this lucky.



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