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Wrightstown Renaissance Faire 2011

Posted on Sep 18, 2011 by in SCA | 0 comments

[22Sep17 From an album dated 9/18/11.]

What a year! Our shire regularly participates in a fundraiser for our local library, the Village Faire. It’s a small renn faire, and we provide the “living history” component of the faire.

I taught classes on essential oils used in period (based on medieval recipes) and taught children how to bind simple pamphlet books, using either blank pages or period “fairy” tales as they chose.

I also displayed some of my books in the A&S display. These included Long-stitch, coptic chain stitch, Ethiopian coptic stitch and a ledger-binding (the red leather one.)

You can view the full album of the Faire on Google Photos. It was tons of fun, and was the year of Bam Margera!

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