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[30Sep17 From a file dated August 24, 2012.]

This is the handout from the very first class I ever taught. It was at the EKU Collegium in the Barony of Bhakail on August 25, 2012. Care to see some of the results? View them in this post.

I had fallen in love with the Coptic Chain stitch after learning it from Meisterin Katerina Helene at Pennsic a couple of years earlier. A call went out for teachers, and I volunteered. I put these instructions together while binding a book, trying to remember to write down everything that was needed. I did ok, but found opportunities to improve. I decided on a plan. At the next Pennsic I focused on watching Meisterin Katerina teach – to learn how to do better for my students. It was a good exercise in managing various levels of skill while keeping everyone engaged. I remain grateful to her and her Apprentice for being so inclusive and supportive.


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