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Many of you may recall the book that opens six ways which was all the rage in the winter of 2014. It was featured by my favorite rare book blogger Erik Kwakkel on his blog.

I decided to try to bind it. For King’s and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Championships. In March 2015. Go big or go home right?

I’m finally getting around to posting it. I’ve used it in several classes since then, and it’s got a bit beat up.

Fabriano Ingres paper (this company’s mills date to the 13th C. per their website). Hudson Valley deer from Pergamena – the Meyer family, who have been tanners and leatherworkers since 1550 in Germany. Handmade paper by me for endpapers. Linen thread.

LOTS of learning! I figured video is the best way to show it off, so enjoy!

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