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Christine‘s Compendium

A collection of curiosities, creative writing, aspirations and artistry.

One of my happy places.

Being Me

We all have many things that we care about. This is me.

Library & Information Science

It’s what I do. I’ve been involved in the information science and semantic technologies space for over 20 years. 

Society for Creative Anachronism

I participate in an organization called the SCA, wherein we recreate the middle ages. I am a Mistress of the Laurel in Bookbinding, and here is where you will find my research. 

Arts, Herbalism, Writing

I like to learn and try new things and deepen my knowledge of things such as plant-based wellness.  I like to write. I enjoy these things, I welcome you to join me on this journey.


I love to read. I love being a librarian – reference and research work make my geeky heart happy. I also love to make books. Here are a few I’ve made. 

Latest Blog Entries

My Google Books Library

My Google Books Library

I've been collecting links to digitized books/bibliographic information on Google Books (Google Play) for a few years now. I have them organized by topics of interest to me. I thought some of you might like to see some of the sources I have used over the years for...

Facsimile Finder

Facsimile Finder

This may be a bit commercial, as these facsimiles are for sale, BUT... these folks have provided hundreds of videos about each of the books and how it would feel in your hands. It's pretty neat, so take a look.(I'm not an affiliate, not getting any commission, I just...

Six Way Book

Six Way Book

Many of you may recall the book that opens six ways which was all the rage in the winter of 2014. It was featured by my favorite rare book blogger Erik Kwakkel on his blog. I decided to try to bind it. For King's and Queen's Arts and Sciences Championships. In March...