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I had a great time helping out at this past Crown Tournament, especially as I was able to indulge in all of my interests: papermaking, bookbinding, letterpress and the children!

Prior to the event I spent a fun afternoon with the lovely Lady Naomi, helping her make the site tokens. It had been decided to letterpress the tokens, and she had carved a block with the image for the day. We set the type together, and after some testing and finagling set to printing. We got into a nice rhythm before I had to leave, but I think we managed to get just under half of the tokens done that afternoon. Here’s a video of the first of the run after we’d worked out the kinks in our system:

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I helped out in the Children’s Area all day, which was both fun and tiring! The kids were all given special mementos of the day – handmade 9 Man Morris boards that a few of us adults got together to draw. Lady Sabatina was a wonderful coordinator of all of the activities and ran a tight ship – the children had fun, no one was taken advantage of, and everyone was safe!

We kicked off the day by having the children scavenge for plant materials with which to make paper. I taught them briefly the history of paper, what plants to look for, and showed them a sample of what the paper would look like when it was done. We talked about what we should do with the paper we made, but I won’t spoil the surprise! The short handout is available for <a href=”” rel-tag=”papermaking, pdf”>download</a> if you’re interested. [I have no idea where this went, but will be looking for it to repost!!!]

Fairy Tales for Children to Bind

A very simple binding for the children to do. (Pamphlet stitch.) I gave them the options of fairy tales or blank pages.

There were shield-making classes, embroidery classes, games, a bit of youth fighting thanks to Lord Fearghus and more throughout the day. In the afternoon I showed the children how to make simple books. I pre-printed several pages of Aesop’s fables, and showed those who joined the class how to sew them together with a simple cover. Perhaps someday one or two of the kids will show a deeper interest in how books are made!

It was such fun to be at an event AND get to practice some of my own hobbies. I am looking forward to making that happen more!

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