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[1Sep17  Originally posted on 7/4/11 and archived at I think these days I would call them paternosters. 🙂 ]

I made / helped to make two rosaries yesterday for SCAdian friends. The first was for Baroness Cateline la Broderesse, who was here working on our group yurt project. She selected the stones for personal reasons, we discussed the design – traditional or neo, religious significance or no, straight or round. What she selected was red and green unakite beads for the decades, pearl paternosters, gold spacer beads and silk tassels. She appeared pleased with the results – can’t wait for her to pull it from her bling box at the next event!


After watching this rosary take shape, Edmund decided that he too wanted one! Off to the store we went to find some beads; we also raided my stash. He wanted a Byzantine-influenced bead rosary for now; at some point in the future a true Byzantine knot rosary will be made. We talked through the design and then he strung the beads. We worked the ends together. What we have here are orange glazed porcelain paternosters, wooden beads for the decades, green glass and filigree spacer beads, a silver Byzantine cross and a silk tassel. He likes the combination of materials, denoting the wealth of the city, the humility of the meek, the strength of the warrior.

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