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[From a file dated 9/19/11. Added 10/23/17.]

Lo these many moons ago…

I was studying herbalism mundanely, and decided to dip my toe into researching medieval preparations. I was asked to teach this for my Shire’s annual demo event (Buckland Cross each year participates in a fundraiser for our local library – a renaissance faire at which we provide the “living history.”) I procured oils, carriers, bottles and made the handouts. I made my own rose oil based on the period technique – submerging rose petals in oil and turning them for weeks while keeping them safe from the sun. An infusion rather than a distillation of essential oils. Much more friendly to the environment AND wallet! The class was a big hit for several years! Now that I’ve graduated from my herbal studies program I plan one day to dig deeper into medieval preparations – what is the same, what changed, what was dangerous, why they thought things worked. It’s a big area, and there are lots of good folks to engage with.

Until then, I give you this handout for your amusement. It is aimed at the audience of a renaissance faire.

Scents of the Middle Ages

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