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[22Sep From and album dated 2/2/12.]

Ahhh, I remember this day well. I had just barely recovered from being really sick. So sick I had skipped Birka and spent 3 days on my couch in front of the television. Thank goodness for Netflix! I started as I usually do with Jane Austen flicks, then moved into zombie movies and then to comedies. That’s how I knew I was well enough to join Iheronimus and Ernst in NYC at the Grolier Club the following Thursday.

There was an exhibit on the tools of the trade that Iheronimus was eager to see, and ever ready to learn, I was eager to join him! There were excellent exemplars and a documentary film about how type is made. I think we may have bored Ernst a little bit, but it was fascinating to watch!

See the entire album on Google Photos.

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