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[22Sep17 From an photo dated 4/23/12.]

I made these books as gifts during the previous weekend. In the featured image above, the one on top is covered in linen and leather and MY FAVORITE mudejar stitch! I love this look. A lot a lot. This book had pre-printed pages as it was to become a brewing journal for Lord Edmund. The colored paper indicates the different sections – one containing the rules and guidelines of the guild, the other blank forms for recording what he brews. The one under is a coptic stitch bound blank journal with embossed wool felt over boards. This I gifted to Iheronimus’ lovely wife Caitlin.

Here are some pictures of making the mudejar stitched book.

Here are pictures of a coptic stitch book I made for Iheronimus with hand torn fine text paper and holly boards.

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