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[4Sep17  From an album dated 2/3/13.]

I dragged the family all around NYC one day, including to this exhibit at the Jewish Museum. I definitely geeked out here but don’t feel too badly for them, we ended the day with primo seats at Wicked on Broadway!

These are just some of the things I was able to photograph. No flash and the dimly lit room, of course, coupled with the glass cases and this isn’t the greatest bit of amateur photography. It still makes me smile though!

I really loved the geometric shapes in some of the illuminations, and the two column text being surrounded by arches. (I do need to spend SOME time learning more about calligraphy and illumination…)  My favorite thing though was all the marginalia! One might think that because books were so expensive and valuable that no one would write in them. Not true today not true then!

Find the photos on Google Photos.

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