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[27Sep17 From an album dated 8/24/13.]I made some paper! This is a modern kit I got from Arnold Grummer, but the basic principles are still the same. I made a small stack of paper in this run, varying the amount of pulp to get a better handle on how much pulp created how thick a sheet. I’ve used these papers as endpapers and pages in some small books. [I’m trying to find my notes to add details on how much pulp for how thick a page! They’ll turn up eventually.]

Oh – and the end of summer humidity? Yeah, you can’t leave damp pages stacked as long as you can in the winter. Make sure to separate/rotate them more often than less. That was a bummer!

Here’s a neat video from University of Iowa’s Center for the Book, Chancery Papermaking. It talks about historical papermaking and details the team’s attempts at recreating the process.

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