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[4Sep17  From an album dated January 2015.]

Her Excellency Sabine de Kerbriant was very rightly elevated to the Order of the Laurel for her fine music. I was grateful to be able to gift her a Vigil Book.  As she mundanely works for a rare book and manuscript dealer I decided to do something different and fun – an accordion spined book, with musical notation paper as the spine. The technique is period if the materials are not quite!

Accordion books or concertinas can be found in many places around the globe in period. In China and Japan they are called Orihon and are documented to the 7th Century. The Aztecs and Mayans also bound books in the style, for example the Dresden Codex.

If anyone ever tells you that medieval books were dull to bind they are sorely mistaken!

View the album on Google Photos.

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