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[27Sep17 From an album dated 6/12/15.]

I made this very simple girdle book for someone who prefers to fly under the radar. It was for her elevation, but did not end up being used as her vigil book, for reasons that made me think long and hard about PLQs and the behaviors and interactions of those who are peers versus those who are not. As in so many aspects in life, communication is a TWO WAY street, and expectation setting is the responsibility of BOTH parties.

This is a very simple book because its person in a very humble, service-oriented person. She was so very gracious and grateful for it, and I am honored to be friends with someone who exemplifies for me what it means to be a peer.

Raw hide girdle to cover oak boards, linen thread, 80# text weight paper. Coptic stitch binding so that it may lay flat. Removable and replaceable within the girdle. Straight line stitch on the girdle to keep the book in.

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