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[27Sep17 From photos dated 5/25-28/16.]

I was asked to help out with Heather Rose de Gourdon’s elevation to the Order of the Laurel. Heather is also a bookbinder with whom I’ve traded many wonderful ideas over the years, and so this one was special. Another gentle, Whitney Sternberg, stitched the embroidered cover, so I simply bound a text block. I did my usual stitch, linen cords over oak boards and 80# text-weight paper. This time though I covered the text block in paper so that if the text block was ever removed from its casing it would remain protected.

I also got the joy of being part of the surprise – I was asked to ‘attend’ her class, so that she could be whisked off to vigil knowing someone would be there to take over teaching for her. Seeing her face and the pride of her Laurel and loved ones was heartwarming.

This was a lovely joint effort for a lovely lady! (Sorry, I mean Mistress!)

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