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[25Sep17 From an album dated Jun 4-5, 2017.]

I taught three classes at the second Artisan’s Village hosted by the Shire of Hartshorndale. The third was completely impromptu!

First we started off with papermaking, where we got messy and made paper. It was a bit windy but I think we managed to keep track of all the pages! We used a simple method of shredded paper as this was the first time making paper for many of the participants. Someday I may invest in a Hollander beater and make real rag paper… or maybe I will make a replica mill to scale, but that is down the line. For now it is fun. I use the pages mainly as endpapers and liners for the books I make. I am not sure where these pages ended up, hopefully they are a good memory, as we had a good time and I’m grateful to those who came!

Next we made girdle books. This is the same class I’ve taught at Pennsic for a couple of years now. It is pretty straightforward, and it was nicer having a smaller group that I could more easily focus on and help.

Finally, on request, I taught the coptic stitch books with what I had in my stash for a couple of good gentles. This is my go-to binding stitch for blank journals as the pages lay nice and flat for writing and referencing. While the students were working along I whipped out a mini-leather bound journal for the fun of it.

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