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As you may have seen, I created a mini-book binding kit for myself. I was wandering about the internet as you do and came across someone else who did the same! His was much more planned than mine and is quite impressive! Check it out! And also check out this “once I have everything else” gift list item for me! 😉

Image copyright British Library.
Stowe 29 HOURS of the Virgin, etc., in Latin. [Manuscript on vellum Vellum; ff. 275. xvth cent. Executed in Italy. With a full-page miniature of the Salutation after the calendar (f. 13 b), and illuminated borders and miniature initials at the beginning of the principal offices. In the border on f. 14 are the arms of Priuli of Venice, and at the bottom of the miniature on f. 13 b (which is apparently by a different hand from the rest) is the coat, az. on a bend sinister or the letters E A (?). 18mo.
Italy 16c

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